Cosmic Connection

"Cosmic Connection"
This painting is a recreation of a beautiful vision seen with my minds eye. The overall meaning behind the imagery is a reminder of the infinite connection of our universe, from the cosmos, to our earth, and to our own human DNA. We are sacred, just as sacred as the universe itself, we are merely a reflection of the divinity of god in a unique physical form. We hold so much power and capacity for beauty and love within us, and whether we choose to stand in that love and honor it is up to us as individuals. God wants us to recognize and remember our power and use it to spread love and goodness on this earth. I hope this painting helps you remember this soul contract and connect with the inner being in you that remembers your unique and sacred purpose here.
About the symbolism of this piece: The pyramids serve as a symbol for the spiritual quest of man. Divine energy reaches both upwards from our bodies to source and that same energy is reflected back to us. The DNA strand symbolizes our own connection to both our bodies and physical 3rd dimensional reality as well as to higher spiritual dimensions. The rainbow ladder also represents the chakra body system and how we ascend from lower vibrational energetic centers to higher ones during our spiritual journey, rediscovering our wisdom and spiritual power. When we choose to live this life by embodying our soul we will remember our eternal union with God.
Acrylic on 20x20 inch canvas, 2020. Original Availabe.