Please note I am out of town working at Electric Forest and may not be reachable until 6/25. I will respond to all emails ASAP once I have service :)

Policies & Info

*Important 2024 update about shipping costs*- Before now I have been offering free shipping for all items in my shop for the entirety of my journey selling art. Unfortunately with the rising costs of most all my supplies and merchandise I have implemented a $3.95 shipping charge to on hand items I ship out myself. This is less than what I pay to ship any packages, it just helps cover some of the costs of shipping without having to raise the price of all items in my shop. This also helps me be able to offer shop pay installments which cost me more in fees to process payments for. Thank you so much for your understanding of these changes and for supporting my work! 
Shop Information 
I run my shop completely by myself so please keep this in mind, I do my best to answer any business inquiries sent to my email within 1 business day!
If you are interested in special ordering any product not available in my shop please email me. I take custom orders all the time and would be delighted to create you something unique!
I ship as many packages as possible using recycled materials, please do your part to help take care of our beautiful earth and recycle or reuse all packaging :)
Important Announcement regarding customers living in the UK and Germany:
Due to VAT changes I am unable to sell to you through this website, although you can still purchase my art through my Etsy shop . Please contact me with any questions or if you don't see the product you want on Etsy! I can add it for you easily. 
Payment Plan Information
All products purchased through a payment plan are not shipped out until the order is fully paid off. This is because I only receive your payments as you make them, so to avoid scammers I am unable to ship out products until I receive full payment. Thank you for understanding!
If you use ShopPay Installments you will receive your order as usual as I receive payment for those orders upfront.
Shipping Information

-In order to help my customers enjoy lower shipping costs I ship prints and stickers that are 6x9 inches or smaller through regular letter mail through USPS, this means there is NO tracking if you choose the free shipping option for small prints and stickers. Regular letter mail also can take much longer than tracked mail, in rare cases anywhere from 3-7 weeks (delays are more likely during holiday season from November through December). I offer the option to convert the shipping type to add tracking for a fee, please make sure you choose the correct shipping option you prefer at checkout!
Although I always do my best to replace any lost mail items, I am NOT responsible for lost/delayed letters, please consider upgrading your shipping to a package with tracking included to insure your purchase! If you choose to add tracking to your order your package will arrive sooner in many cases as well (2-6 business days). 
In the case an order sent through letter mail hasn't arrived to you I ask that you wait 7 weeks to give it a chance to arrive before I reship your order.  

NOTE: Prints larger than 6x9 inches are shipped with tracking available automatically, so there is no need to upgrade the shipping type.

Processing Times
I ship most all orders for in stock items once a week on Mondays. Orders placed after 5pm ct on Sundays will not be shipped out until the following Monday (1 week later). This processing time excludes made to order items such as clothing, blankets, pillows, fine art prints and canvas prints which processing times usually are anywhere from 3 business days to 15 business days and are shipped out by my printing companies. 
Most clothing and bags I sell are made to order and take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to be made and delivered, so please keep this in mind when ordering!
Holiday Processing Times: I ship orders twice a week during the 3 weeks before Christmas, on Mondays and Thursdays. 
Express Shipping Info
I offer an express shipping option for US based orders which means I will do my best to ship your order out within 2-3 business days after it is placed and ship your package as a priority mail package which in most all cases take 2-3 business days to be delivered. If you need your package sooner than this you can message me for a quote for 1 day shipping prices.
Express shipping is ONLY available for in stock/ready to ship items! Clothing, blankets, fine art prints and canvas prints are all made to order and are not able to be shipped immediately. If there is an option for faster shipping for these items through the manufacturer you will see the option available at checkout.
I am not responsible for any delays due to shipping. 
International Shipping
I ship all packages with USPS international shipping, if you would like your package shipped through a different courier please contact me to inquire. International shipping can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.
I am not responsible for delays due to customs. 
Refund Info
I do not take refunds but please contact me if there is a problem with your order.
Please note I am unable to process refunds or exchanges for clothing due to the fact that everything is made to order and I am a small business and cant afford to do so. I understand it is difficult to determine size online and sometimes things don't fit as expected- so if you have issues with your order fitting I can replace with a different size at a reduced price (This DOES NOT apply to handmade/upcycled/braided items- only manufactured clothing) and you are free to keep the original items to resell or gift to a friend. 
Lost/Stolen Package and Incorrect Address Policy
If you live somewhere where you need to have signature required delivery PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PURCHASING. If you do not contact me and let me know I have no way of knowing to upgrade your package to require a signature upon delivery. If you live somewhere where stolen packages are common (apartment complexes/ large city/ etc) I highly recommend contacting me to see about adding a signature to your package, if you don't and then your package is stolen there is not much I can do to help in this situation. I will do my best to offer a replacement at a discounted price (if possible) and do everything I can to assist, but please understand I am a very small business and have limited resources when it comes to situations like this. Please note most delivery methods do NOT automatically ask for a signature upon delivery.
I try to insure most packages so that incase they are lost I can provide a replacement (if possible). If you see the option to add insurance when checking out on my website I HIGHLY recommend adding this, as the automatic insurance only covers up to a certain amount. Insurance DOES NOT cover in cases of you providing an incorrect address. Made to order items shipped out by my manufacturer are unfortunately unable to be re-delivered in most cases if they are sent to an incorrect address, so I will provide you a replacement at a discounted price (this does not apply to handmade items or original paintings!) but that is the best I can do in that situation. For items shipped out by me that are returned to me- I ask for a reshipping fee varying from $6-$25 depending on the cost of shipping. Thank you for understanding <3.
Incorrect Address Policy-
For items I ship out myself the package will usually get returned to me and I can re-ship after you pay the re-shipping fees. For items shipped out by manufacturers- their policy varies so please contact me in this case. Most of the time the manufacturer will not receive the package back unfortunately if they are an overseas manufacturer (many shipping companies have stopped returning international packages to the original sender) so the best I can offer is a re-order at a discounted price. I will do my best to offer a re-order at the lowest price I possibly can. Thank you for understanding!