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Commission Information

Thinking about getting a custom painting made? I would love to help bring your unique vision to life or just create you something magical and unique as you are! Read below to get info on pricing, the process and more. If you decide you are interested then please email me at or use the contact form on my website.

General Information

  • I usually have a waitlist for commissioned pieces, the waitlist can be anywhere from a week to over 6 months. Joining my waitlist means you are serious about getting a commissioned painting and helps me keep track of my schedule better. There is a small deposit required to join my waitlist.
  • I am open to painting almost any subject, I am not particularly interested in painting portraits and human subjects as they are very time consuming. I will consider portrait requests on a case by case basis.
  • I prefer to paint in my own art style and would like to have a decent amount of creative freedom when painting commissions, although I will absolutely work with you on creating something from your own unique design idea. I do not take requests to remake another artists work (unless it is public domain artwork.)

Deposit/Payment Information

  • I require a small deposit to join my waitlist, this helps me ensure that you are serious about your painting and helps me keep my schedule organized. This deposit is small (2-10% of the full price of the piece). This deposit is non refundable if you decide to not go through with the painting at a later date.
  • All deposits/payments go towards the full price of the painting, meaning that a deposit is not an additional charge.
  • I require another payment once I start on your painting, the amount can be negotiated but usually ranges from 20%-50% of the full price.
  • Full payment is due before the painting ships out.
  • If you would like to negotiate a payment plan, that is absolutely possible.

Pricing and Other Information

  • Basic prices for standard canvases are below. These prices are not set in stone and may change depending on the level of detail and the complexity you want the painting to include. Extra simple designs could be less and very complex designs will cost more than what is listed below. I will give you an accurate price quote after discussing details with you.
  • Revisions or changes to the initial agreed upon design that require me to change what has already been painted could cost extra. 
  • I can also paint on other canvas shapes, such as circles, ovals, triangles, etc. Please email me to get a price quote for those canvases. I can also paint on wood (in certain sizes).
  • Shipping costs are NOT included in the price list below. Those will be determined based on your location.

Legal Information

  • I hold all the rights to the final image that is painted, meaning I can resell prints, etc. of any design I create. You can not reprint, resell, or distribute copies of the image without my written permission. If you would like to discuss licensing or purchasing the copyright of the painting please let me know.