About the Artist

My name is Becca Tindol, I am 28 years old and currently living in Alabama.
I have been painting and creating artwork on and off my whole life but only within the last few years have I been painting consistently. Starting in 2018 I had a spiritual experience while painting where I felt like the universe was expressing itself through me. After this experience I have received visions I see with my minds eye that I recreate into my paintings. Painting is a intensely spiritual experience for me and is a way for me to connect to my inner being and to source.
I am a mother to my 7 year old daughter named Willow, and married to my soul mate!
My goal is to focus on larger and more detailed
paintings and immersive installations for music festivals, any support is so appreciated and helps me reach this goal!
I have been selling my artwork online for 4 years in my etsy shop, I created this website in the fall of 2020 to further my presence as an artist online. Thank you so much for visiting my site!
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