Ethereal Worlds

"Ethereal Worlds"
This painting is a physical reproduction of a vision I experienced. The symbolic meaning of this painting is open to interpretation as all art is, its main purpose is to evoke thought and a feeling of peace and wonder. Often I receive visions and am left to interpret the meaning as I work on painting them, painting is always a learning experience for me. I will do my best to explain the symbolism as I see it through words, although I am a painter and not a writer and greatly prefer abstract representation of ideas. Through this painting I aim to express that through the journey of the soul we take many paths, often these paths can be dark and stormy and filled with pain, or other times we experience the warm glow of joy, love and contentment. This is a fact of life in this plane of existence, dualism surrounds us and our experiences. This duality is apparent in all of nature, through life and death, dark and light, the sun and the moon, it is how nature balances itself. One thing that remains constant is the soul, which contains the source or infinite energy of the universe, represented by the galaxy. No matter the ups and downs in our journeys, and no matter how much pain or trauma we experience, we can turn inward and find infinite peace by connecting to the life energy within us. This loving energy is in everything and everyone, and connects us all. I hope this painting brings you closer to yourself and the eternal nature of your soul.
Acrylics on 24x24 inch canvas. 2019. Original Available.