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Journey Into the All-Knowing Eye

"Journey Into the All-Knowing Eye"
This painting is the physical expression of the journey from suffering, trauma, self destruction, overwhelming fear and depression to discovering connection, truth, and love through a spiritual awakening. I painted this to illustrate my experience with the dark night of the soul, a painful but necessary catalyst to growth, and as I grew through this experience I reconnected with the spirit within me, as well as the source of infinite love and wisdom that underlies all things. Seeing life through the eyes of this infinite loving spirit has shown me the truth and brought me peace unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Although I am human and this peace can be clouded by stresses and life events, if I turn inwards I can always find it as it is a part of me. I hope this painting serves as a reminder than anyone can overcome any trial and tribulation in this life and come out the other side as a new person. 
Acrylics on 18x24 inch canvas. 2020. Original Available.